How to Plan a Desert tour in Morocco

Morocco offers a vast range of activities, in addition to a plethora of exotic cuisine, shopping and craft work. desert tours in morocco offer a chance to see these craft workers in action, both in the city and rural areas, with the outstanding heritage of the city on display. Basically, desert trips in Marrakech further help you discover the real splendor of the country, while also facilitating your quest to get in touch with the authenticity of the North African Kingdom. The camel has perennially been a chief mode of transport for the locals, especially in the desert expanse. Understandably, no trip to this iconic city is complete without a Marrakech camel tours. While it is advisable for children below the age of eight to ride the camel with an adult, overall a Marrakech desert tour is the ideal excursion for you and your family, especially to unwind and escape the hustles and bustles of the city.

desert tours in morocco is undoubtedly one of the pre-eminent methods to uncover the magic of the Nation. It provides the perfect opportunity to comprehensively experience the Sahara desert with its sandy dunes, centuries-old grandiose Kasbahs, and the stunning Atlas Mountain. Rehydrate in oases covered with opulent palms and the countless Berber villages. Camel trekking takes you directly into the wild landscape of the famous Sahara, consisting gorges and verdant river valleys. The freshly unlocked Algerian border means it’s possible to freely traverse the area, adding a brand new dimension to camel trekking in Morocco. The experience offers an escape from the hectic bazaars and streets of the city, providing a refreshing change of scenery as well as a chance to sufficiently take in Marrakech. The camel trips in Marrakech are tailored according to your preferences, with those keen on history able to follow the paths of the ancient caravan roads while swaying gently on camel-back. Although dependent on your package, typically, a Marrakech camel ride expedition lasts half a day, with the camel caravan stationed at locations such as Palmeriae – a scenic palm grove on the periphery of the city. The tranquility of the surroundings is unmatched, with breath-taking views as the sun descends through the skies.

Embark on a Morocco Sahara desert camel trek to M’hamid, which is a petite Sahara desert village in the Zagora area of Morocco. This 2 day desert tour from Marrakech provides the ultimate occasion to interact and understand the Moroccan culture. This small city of M’hamid happens to be one of two places where the Sahara begins, making it the ideal place to indulge in camel trekking in Morocco. Arguably a more aDauthentic’ part of the Sahara, M’hamid is the real Sahara desert and just 8 hours by vehicle from Marrakesh.

An ancient mode of transport in the Kingdom of Morocco. Camels are powerful hardy animals, impeccable for this desert tour. Embarking on a desert camel trek can actually help support the native communities and in turn, ensure that the camels receive sufficient food and car. Occasionally, the only feasible way for the locals to keep their camels is to utilize them steady decline of the nomadic culture, herds of camels can become redundant. Only ride animals that appear in good health, and whose handler displays sufficient regard to its welfare. It is also crucial to treat the camels with respect and compassion. Although it may be tantalizing to barter for the lowest price likely, this may ultimately result in insufficient funds for the proper care of the camels, such as veterinary assistance.